About Me

Who am I?

My name is Jameson Toper and I am a computer science student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My father, Rick Toper, has been a mechanic for the past 35 years and after working with him on projects throughout my childhood, I have absorbed many of his skills and traits. I have also spent years working on computers and various custom electronic projects, such as designing robots to teach children about robotics at the Connecticut Science Center or creating a 6’x2′ custom LED matrix sign built for a local magnet school.

What inspired this project?

My fathers side of the family has always adored cars, and as such I have found myself enthralled by both modern and classic cars. But as of late, my interests have pointed more towards the new wave electric vehicles on the road today. Cars like the Model S and Model 3 have had me drooling, but the prices are so far out of reach as a 19 year old college student. I wanted the benefits of the electric drivetrain, but with no real way to afford it, I was curious what could be done in my own garage.

When I arrived home, I looked up a few videos regarding the topic and realized the process of a conversion is much more realistic than I had first thought. So with that in mind, I began research and have ended up here today, embarking on this project.

This project truly combines all of my skills, passions, and traits, and with that, I feel extremely confident in my ability to follow through and get a working vehicle on the road.