The First Roadblock

So Murphy’s Law has reared its ugly head. I knew it was coming but I didn’t know when. We’ve finally hit the first huge snag with the project.

I’ve talked about this before and voiced my concern with how it may affect my progress but I didn’t expect this. As it turns out, the All Wheel Drive system in the car is going to be a big problem.

The European model of keeping everything as compact as possible means that the axle from the transfer case comes up to the front of the engine, and instead of going under the motor like most cars, the CV shafts go THROUGH the oil pan and meet on the drivers side of the motor. This means that not only do I have to remove the CV shafts to pull the engine, but I also need to take out everything related to sending power to the front wheels.

I think this is for the best though. It will take away a lot of weight in the car, and also greatly reduce the strain on the electric motor. Having two more wheels under power is a lot more rotating mass to spin, and that should help efficiency. Plus maybe now I can actually smoke the tires a little, who knows *shrug*.

There’s also some smaller but still significant problems too. Northeastern cars are notorious for the use of salt, and that hit a few areas of this car. I got most of the exhaust out, but where the headers meet the pipes, there is a V Band clamp there. The bolts are so rusted, there is no easy way to get them loose. I will have to cut them or heat them and try to really break them free so I can get that out. That should allow me to get to the transmission and set that free too.

And the part that gets me about all of this is that I just installed those CV shafts in August. There’s posts about it here and on facebook, I spent a week replacing both of them. And now I have to take it all back out. Thankfully I’ve done it once so I can do it again, and they only have 8 miles.

In other news, if you’re in the market for some new CV shafts, I might know a guy.

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